tsrings replied to your post: tsrings replied to your post: yes wow i am so…
Well from what I can say on the not responding to everybody part: I can tell you’re a busy dude. Drawing, of course answering the stuff in your inbox that you can get to, living a normal life on the side as well. Not to mention updating your askblogs

that and
all the other stuff i dont wanna put on my blog because they’re negative aspects of my life??? that i just dont want people knowing????

but i guess that ends up giving ppl these assumptions that my life is perfect and just because of how many followers i have on tumblr
i live in a fucking mansion
and have butlers and shit idk

when i live in a house that’s literally falling down around me
i dont have a car
i cant get a job
im a college dropout who has no goal in his life
im suffering from depression
my family’s dead and the ones in my family who aren’t don’t help me
they dont even remember i exist except on holidays

so yeah
having a lot of followers does not ~magically change your life~
the only thing it does is put more eyes on you to scrutinize every little thing you do
and with that comes good and bad
and sometimes the bad is REALLY bad and just makes your life worse

i have been in a few fandoms before this one
and i made a name for myself in the Naruto fandom but on ONE site
only in one corner of the Naruto fandom because it was so vast
and even then i wasn’t that big of a name? or maybe it was because it was on an adult site where you had to prove you were 18 to even join
but i didnt get this much crap about being wellknown

there were ppl who loved me and people who didnt like me and i knew they existed and iknew their opinion
and they probably knew i knew too
but we never posted hissy fits about each other or anything????
like we just live and let live?
and nobody on their felt MAD that i didnt want to instantly become their friend because they sent me a PM or something idk

tumblr’s weird.

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