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Idek what direction anything is even going anymore OTL

i thought we were all finally getting pretty chill with each other
apparently not
the more one side of the fandom gels together like one cool stoner character-loving party
the worse the other side rots into this really horrible entity thing i guess

i dont hate anyone on this site? idk its really hard to make me hate someone
they’d have to be REALLY shitty to me on total purpose and not be sorry at all
and even then i’d have to probably make a conscious effort of hating them
because i just dont like wasting my energy on hating things
when i could love things instead

and then like idk i dont respond to everyone no
tbh i have deleted a lot of asks from my main inbox
but im not the type of person that has a lot to say
i havent responded to a dA comment in years unless it was a very specific question directed at me that I could answer
i tried to be that person that responded to everything ever
eventually it just becomes too much hah 8|
and y’know…i do want to spend my time on other things than saying “thank you!” to every compliment ever
dont get me wrong, i LOVE reading compliments
i go tag stalking on my art for comments
i just cant respond to every single one
otherwise i’d never get any drawing done?? and like lets be real here
if i wasnt an artist
not even half of you would care about me as much anymore so…

8) damned if i do, damned if i don’t  

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