yes wow i am so elitist and a terrible person i only made friends with these people because they were already ~popular~ it doesnt matter that the time i actually BEFRIENDED THEM both they and I were nobodies in the fandom for the most part
nope that part doesn’t matter at all

and the fact that I befriended them because i liked their character traits doesn’t matter either nope
the fact that nobody can CHOOSE who they become friends with doesn’t matter either
nope let’s just forget all that
skully was always a once-ler fandom god and he just plucked these people off their own once-ler fandom god pedestals and i put them in my box of friends but its ~popular people only~

because i dont have friends that aren’t popular fandom people nope
it’s not like my best friend of 4 years isn’t even in a fandom or anything
it’s not like my girlfriend (while in a fandom) hasn’t been a huge name or anything in years
nope i only get close to people with large number
i love them large numbers
they get me hard
back the eff off small numbers
dont hit on me silly losers~*~*~*~

  1. skoomapipe said: ugh I’m so sorry people are being ridiculous yet again
  2. spoopertrouper said: im sorry people are being rude and throwing hate everywhere and things are going crazy u_u
  3. arrivalsdepartures said: UGH, i’m so tired of this haters…
  4. ask-artsy-oncie said: (p2) people ended up showing… I want to know what someone who feels stressed by the fandom wants, so I could try and do something about it… if I am capable… I’ve been asking this to quite a few people and would love your opinion…
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